(an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute)
W.J 25 Basti Guzan,Opp. Shakti Park
Punjab (India)

(an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Computer Training Institute)

  • OFFFICE AUTOMATION:(Click Here for Details)

    • Computer Basics
    • Windows
    • MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint
    • Multimedia, Bluetooth
    • Writing of CD/DVD

    ACCOUNTANCY:(Click Here for Details)

    • Basic Concept of Accounting
    • Manual Accounts
    • Voucher, Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet, VAT, Income Tax
    • Computerised Accountancy

    D.T.P.(DESK TOP PUBLISHING): (Click Here for Details)

    • Corel Draw
    • Photoshop
    • Hindi & Punjabi Typing
    • PageMaker
    • Scanning & Printing


    • Web Concepts
    • Internet, Browsing, Search Engine
    • e-Shopping, Downloading, Uploading
    • E-mail, Attachment, FTP
    • HTML/DHTML, Dreamweaver, Swish
    • Web Server, Website, Web Browsers
    • Graphics & Animation
    • Domain Registration & Hosting


    • Self Management
    • Presentation and Oration (Speaking) Skills
    • Confidence Building
    • Leadership and Decision making skills
    • Interpersonal ability (How to handle others)
    • Basic Etiquette and mannerism
    • Preparation for an Interview


    COMPUTER HARDWARE & NETWORKING(Click Here for Details)
    Understanding PC
    • Components & Maintenance
    • Microprocessor
    • Using Multimeter & Solder Kit
    • Computer Software Installation
    • Trouble Shooting PC Problems
    • Computer Hardware Study
    • Motherboard, CPU, Memory Basics
    • Display Card, I/O Card, PC Assembly
    • CMOS Setup,
    • Input, Output & Storage Devices
    • Maintenance overview of UPS, Monitor, Printer
    • Refilling of DMP, Inkjet, Laser Ink Cartages
    • Removing of Virus & Other Attacks

    LAN Topologies & Protocols
    • OSI Model
    • PC Sharing
    • Network Cabling and Trouble Shooting
    • Setting of Internet
    • Installation of Dial up
    • Broad Band (Internet)

    Web Designing
    Programming in VB.Net (Click Here for Details)
    Programming in ASP.Net using C# (Click Here for Details)
    Programming in PHP (Click Here for Details)
    Programming in C/C++ (Click Here for Details)
    Programming in Visual Basic
    Programming in Foxpro
    Programming in Java core and Advance
    Mobile Reparing

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Projects in .Net,PHP,C/C++,Java
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