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Embedding cognition and communication in computer courses.We spearhead code and set the ball rolling from statements to semicolons

Integrated packages,like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher are of great use in office work.They contain word processing programs with page layout functions.Every business requires person who knows essentials of computers.No job in these days is available without the knowledge of computers, so this course lets you know about the things required in office. Our course includes Computer Basics ,Windows , MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint , Ms-Publisher, Printing, Scanning,

Duration of Course:75 Hrs [ 3 Months]
Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week


Web Design

Web Concepts ,Internet, ,e-Shopping, Downloading, Uploading ,E-mail, Attachment, FTP ,HTML/DHTML, CSS Style sheets,Photoshop, Corel Draw,Dreamweaver,Hosting site.

Duration : 6 Month 150 Hrs

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week


Basic Concept of Accounting ,Manual Accounts ,Voucher, Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance ,Balance Sheet, GST, Income Tax Payroll,Bill of Material,,Computerised Accountancy in:

Tally ERP 9


Marg ERP

Visual Catpro

Duration: 6 Month

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week

Personality Development

Self Management ,Presentation Skills ,Confidence Building ,Leadership and Decision making skills ,Interpersonal

Computer Hardware

Understanding PC ,Components & Maintenance ,Microprocessor ,Using Multimeter & Solder Kit ,Computer Software

Understanding PC, Components & Maintenance
Microprocessor,Using Multimeter & Solder Kit
Computer Software Installation
Trouble Shooting PC Problems
Computer Hardware Study
Motherboard, CPU, Memory Basics
Display Card, I/O Card, PC Assembly,CMOS Setup
Input, Output & Storage Devices
Maintenance overview of UPS, Monitor, Printer
Refilling of DMP, Inkjet, Laser Ink Cartridges
Removing of Virus & Other Attacks
Laptop Reparing


Duration: 6 Month

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week


LAN Topologies & Protocols ,OSI Model ,PC Sharing ,Network Cabling and Trouble Shooting ,Setting of Internet ,Installation of Dial up ,Broad Band (Internet)

LAN Topologies & Protocols
OSI Model
PC Sharing
Network Cabling and Trouble Shooting
Setting of Internet
Installation of Dial up
Broad Band (Internet)

Duration: 1 Month

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week


Programming in Visual Basic 3 MONTHS
Programming in C++  4 MONTHS
Programming in C 3 MONTHS
Programming in VB.NET 3 MONTHS
Programming in PHP 3 MONTHS
Programming in C/C++ 5 MONTHS
Programming in ASP.NET 3 MONTHS
Programming in Core Java 3 MONTHS
Programming in Java 6 MONTHS
Programming in Foxpro 3 MONTHS
Programming in Android App. 4 MONTHS
Programming in Python 4 MONTHS


Desktop Publishing (120 Hrs Course)

Corel Draw ,Photoshop ,Hindi & Punjabi Typing, Scanning & Printing

Duration: 4 Month (120 Hrs)

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week

Office Automation+ (120 Hrs Course)

Computer Basics, Windows Operations,MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint,Ms Publisher ,Windows Settings, Printing,Scanning documents etc. Typing

Duration: 4 Month (120 Hrs)

Class Timming : 1 Hr Daily. 6 day week


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